Process Automation with BPMN and Python

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A Powerful Low Code Platform

Build your first diagram in minutes. But don't let the simplicity fool you. SpiffWorkflow is a powerful platform that can handle the most complex of business processes.

Grounded in Science

We have combined the most heavily researched standard in the field of Business Process Automation with the most popular programming language in the world
1 TIOBE index,


1000's of articles on the efficacy of BPMN in diverse domains from Health Care3 PufahlL. et al. "BPMN in healthcare: Challenges and best practices", in Information Systems, vol 107, 2922 to Lagistics4 E S Kenne, "Challenges Facing Port Logistics in Cameroon, Using The Bpmn Model", International Journal of Latest Research in Humanities and Social Science (IJLRHSS) Volume 04 - Issue 12, 2021, pp. 174-182 to Automotive5 Fernandes, Jorge, João Reis, Nuno Melão, Leonor Teixeira, and Marlene Amorim. 2021. "The Role of Industry 4.0 and BPMN in the Arise of Condition-Based and Predictive Maintenance: A Case Study in the Automotive Industry" Applied Sciences 11, no. 8: 3438. .


Python has arguably become the de facto standard for exploratory, interactive, and computation-driven scientific research2 "K. J. Millman and M. Aivazis, "Python for Scientists and Engineers" in Computing in Science & Engineering, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 9-12, March-April 2011, doi: 10.1109/MCSE.2011.36."

A Thriving Open Source Community

We are open source, releasing much of our software under the LGPLv3. We welcome contributions from the community and are happy to help you get started. We make contributions to the open source community on a daily basis.

1500 Stars Continuous growth and usage for over a decade, with a thriving community of contributors.

42 Contributors Contributors from across the world, from the States, Germany, Sweden, South America, the Netherlands, and more.

200 Discord Members A growing community of users and contributors, with a dedicated Discord server, and regular community calls and AMAs.

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We offer commercial support for SpiffWorkflow and related projects. We can help you with everything from getting started, to building your first diagram, to integrating SpiffWorkflow into your existing systems.


From BPMN to Dev-Ops we offer training to get you moving quickly and to assure you getting the most out of your investment.


Let us set up and host SpiffWorkflow for you. We can help you get started, and provide ongoing support and maintenance.


Enterprise level integrations for Authentication, pre-built reusable workflows, and connectors to rest of your enterprise systems.


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