Introductory Articles

Articles and videos to introduce SpiffWorkflow and help you get started.

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You can try out SpiffWorkflow right now by visiting our demo site at BUT WAIT! There is a lot of information on this page that will help you get the most out of your experience. So please read on! Video Instructions You can follow the directions below, or you can watch this short video where we take you step by step through how to use the site. Visit Spiffdemo & Login To begin your journey, open your web browser and navigate to the official demo website.

Jun 23, 2023 By Dan Funk

The Low Code Wall

What is Low-Code / No-Code? Low Code and No Code describe tools that allow people to create software applications (web sites, mobile apps, games, etc…) using graphical tools that don’t require writing code in traditional programming languages. There are some brilliant examples - and they aren’t new - the idea has been around for … ever. We’ve always been trying to make it easier to talk to computers. Check out MIT’s Scratch which helps introduce software concepts to young students, or consider what anyone can do these days with WordPress.

Jan 5, 2023 By Dan Funk

Running SpiffWorkflow Locally with Docker

In this article (and accompanying video) you will create and run your first executable SpiffWorkflow diagram. We’ll be using a brand new open source application called SpiffArena that wraps the SpiffWorkflow library in an easier to use interface that provides a host of important tools. Let’s get started and you can see for yourself … Video Instructions You can follow the directions below, or you can watch this 10-minute video and follow along.

Dec 27, 2022 By Dan Funk

Why we adopted SpiffWorkflow

(originally posted on Medium) SpiffWorkflow allows your python application to process BPMN diagrams (think of them as very powerful flow charts) to accomplish what would otherwise require writing a lot of complex business logic in your code. You can use these diagrams to accomplish a number of tasks, such as: Creating an online questionnaire which changes depending on the answers to previous questions Building a complex approval process that needs to be handed off between multiple people Allowing non-developers to make iterative changes to the flow of an application over time SpiffWorkflow can do all of this while drastically improving communication within multidisciplinary teams, allowing more people to contribute to your application and making it more resilient to changing requirements.

Dec 1, 2021 By Dan Funk