SpiffWorkflow is a powerful workflow execution engine that is rich with built-in features and designed for easy extension.

Low Code

Get started quickly, but without painting yourself into a corner.

Powerful Form Building

Build detailed forms with validation, conditions, type-aheads, and more.

Decision Modeling

Transparent and easy-to-understand spreadsheets capture business rules concisely.


Manage the handoff of tasks between individuals and teams.


Send reminders after a period of time, or kick off tasks on a schedule.


Respond to external events via API call.

Parallel Execution

Distribute a workload across a number of external services simultaneously.

Real Time Administration

Pause, Edit, and Resume running workflows.

Unit Testing Tools

Create automatic tests for your workflows, call activities, and scripts.

Reports/ Perspectives

Data extraction from workflows to generate detailed custom reports.

Spiff Extensions

Extend the functionality of the application itself with BPMN.


Send and receive information from other applications. Use our connectors or build your own!

See these features in action

You can schedule a demo with one of our core team members and we can demonstrate these features live on our demo site. We can also answer any questions you may have about SpiffWorkflow and how it can help your organization.