Get Started

A demo website running SpiffWorkflow is available for you to try immediately, but we also offer docker containers and local development setups.

What Is SpiffWorkflow?

SpiffWorkflow is a platform for building, running, and monitoring executable diagrams. It is a great way to build transparent processes within your organization that foster continuous improvement, shared understanding, and persistence of a collective vision.

If you have never used SpiffWorkflow, then we highly recommend checking out this short video, which will walk you through building and running a simple process diagram.

Try the Live Demo

View and execute example process models on our live demo site. Register here to get started. Explore on your own, or follow along with a guided tour.

Run it locally

Start up a local docker container and run SpiffWorkflow from your own infrastructure.

Set up a Development Environment

Download the source code and contribute to the project by following these directions.

Learn More

SpiffWorkflow is a powerful system. There is a lot to learn. Please check out our Documentation for more information.