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We continuously update and maintain our documentation. Our docs include a quick start guide and a reference guide for building diagrams, and a support section that covers how to modify running processes in production. We also cover more technical details, such as how to contribute to this open-source project, and provide a dedicated dev/ops section that covers complex installation and integration concerns.

Core Python Library Documentation

We maintain a separate Read The Docs page for our SpiffWorkflow Python Library. This is for people who want to develop their own BPMN Orchestration Engine from the ground up. Our core library contains few dependencies and is focused on serializing and executing BPMN diagrams.


You can find a number of our videos on our SpiffWorkflow Channel.


Check out our Roadmap for 2024, and how we are working to maintain this open-source project, along with many other articles that we publish to our Medium SpiffWorkflow Channel. We have a number of introductory articles and Deep Dives into advanced topics here.