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Participants - The maximum number of people that can participate in starting and completing a process instance. Unlimited Unlimited
Process Models - The maximum number of process models you can draw. Unlimited Unlimited
Process Instances - The maximum number of instances you can execute. Unlimited Unlimited
Core Features - Form building, decision tables, timers, events, admin tools, reporting, perspectives, parallel execution, and more.
Training - Professional training for business analysts, citizen developers, software engineers, and devops.
Support - Bronze, Silver, and Gold support plans to assure you have the support you need when you need it.
Integrated Authentication - Step outside of the box and integrate with your existing authentication system - no need to create new accounts or manage separate groups and permissions.
Featured Extensions - Use our prebuilt extensions to provide detailed reports and tight integrations within your organization.
Commercial Connectors - Connect to your existing systems with our prebuilt connectors for AWS, Slack, Discord, and more.
Pre-Built Process Models - Accelerate your development with our prebuilt process models for popular business use cases - drag and drop common approval processes into your workflows as call activities and configure them to meet your specific needs.


SpiffWorkflow is a powerful tool that can be used by a wide range of people. We offer training for Business Analysts, Citizen Developers, Software Engineers, and DevOps. We also offer a free introduction to SpiffWorkflow for end users that will be logging into the system to complete forms, make requests, and handle approvals.


Mission-critical installations of SpiffWorkflow require fast response times to questions, disaster recovery plans, and regular checkups. We offer support plans that provide direct access to the same team that develops, tests, and creates the documentation and training for SpiffWorkflow.

Bronze Silver Gold
Regular Releases
Security Patches
GitHub Ticket Support
Discord Channel
Email Security Alerts
Direct Support By Appointment Business Hours EST 24/7
Support Tickets Per Week 3 5 8
Installation Review
Annual Health Check
VPN Support
Monitored Upgrades

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